Due to the prevention policy towards Covid-19 required by the government, the following measure will be conducted by the Organizer:

  • 所有訪客及遊玩人仕於進入盛夏森林前, 必須掃描 "安心出行" 二維碼 或 填寫個人資料表格(包括姓名、聯絡電話及到訪日期)投入現場收集箱 (資料保存至活動完結後30天). 

All visitors and game players must scan the "LeaveHomeSafe" QR code or register their personal information (names, contact numbers and the dates and time of visit) before entering the Splash N’ Forest (personal information will be destroyed within 30 days after complete of the Event).

  • ​所有訪客及遊玩人仕進入盛夏森林前,必須接受體溫檢測,如體溫高於37.5°C、出現呼吸道感染病徵或忽然失去味覺或嗅覺,將不准進入,並請即時求診。

All visitors and gamer players must go through temperature screening upon entering the Splash N’ Forest.  No entry for those with temperature 37.5°C or above, respiratory symptoms or sudden loss of taste/smell.  They are recommended seek for medical assistance immediately. 

  • 所有訪客及遊玩人仕必須自備口罩,身處盛夏森林及使用森林內設備佩戴時需全程佩戴(於指定區域內飲食期間除外)。

All visitors and gamer players must wear their own masks during their stay at Splash N’ Forest and facilities (except when dinning at designated zone). 

  • 所有訪客及遊玩人請盡量保持適當社交距離。

Please maintain social distance for all visitors or game players.

  • 盛夏森林內所有設施均定時進行清潔及消毒。

All facilities in Splash N’ Forest are being cleaned and sterilized regularly. 

  • 因應現場環境情況,盛夏森林內各區域會進行不定時消毒,介時將會要求訪客及遊玩人仕配合暫時離開該指定區域 (包括原野森林、樂活森林及水動森林)。

In view of hygiene and government’s requirement, cleaning and sanitization procedure will be conducted regularly within the area (without prior notice of the organizer). Game players are required to leave the area (including Forest Fun, Forest Fiesta and Forest Splash) until the end of the procedure.​

  • 場地出入口設有消毒通到,場內設有多個消毒站

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